Our Story

Hello,  Welcome to the Spotless Barn,

We are the Varvel’s.  A family of six living in the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona on a small hobby farm. Scott and I have been married for nearly 25 years and have 4 amazing children, 2 of which are beginning to fledge and leave home which is a new season of life for us.

We had always hoped to own some land and move to the “country” for the purpose of raising animals and growing food but did not know when or how that would happen.  In 2011 be bought a foreclosed house at auction with every intention of flipping it and moving on. It was not much to look at but the 1.5 acre lot lined with poplar trees stole our hearts and we had a vision of what it could become.


With blood, sweat and tears and lots of prayers this dirt road property “farm” became home and the best decision we ever made. We moved from a newer home in a sub-division south 2 miles onto county property that feels like a another world.  It is an evolving labor of love somewhere between a homestead and an urban farm.  With a focus on raising good kids, growing healthy food and self-reliance we feel we have found the sweet spot and hope to share and learn with others who have similar interest.


Here you will find fruit trees and garden beds, dairy goats and laying hens, honeybees and compost piles.  We are always looking for ways to grow more of our own food and currently we are pasture raising meat chickens for the first time.  This Fall we are adding a small apple orchard and more stone fruit and have plans to create micro climate in the Arizona heat for tropical fruit trees.

Our interests include making goat milk soap, pallet wood decor and we love side hustles restoring and re-purposing cool old things. We are die-hard Lake Powell fans and slip away from the farm at least one week a year to play in the blue-green waters.  We hope you will join us and share or comment on anything that you find here of interest.

The Varvel’s