DIY Pallet Wood Snowflake

Whether you are decorating your home for the holidays or looking to make a unique gift, these oversize pallet wood snowflakes are real eye catchers.  They have been one of the more popular items each year at holiday boutiques as well.  This project is considered moderate in difficulty and will require the use of power tools.

Tools needed.  Compound miter saw, table saw, narrow head staple gun and orbital sander.

Step 1: Selecting wood.  I prefer thinner pallet slats for this project no more than a 1/2″ thick. I always look for flat straight wood with character such as saw marks or bold grain patterns and will set aside at least six 3′ pallet slats per snowflake. Remove all nails before proceeding to next step.


Step 2: Paint wood.  Before any cuts, paint the wood.  I only paint the side that will be showing and usually use white or light grey but that is personal preference.  You will be sanding some of this paint off so this can be a quick thin coat over all wood you will be using for this project.

Step 3: Sanding.  After paint dries begin sanding. An orbital sander is ideal but hand sanding will work also.  Take off just enough paint to show the character of the wood and give it a rustic aged look.  Sand all slats equally for an even appearance before cutting.

Step 4: Ripping your slats. Using a table saw, rip all six painted slats to 2 1/2″ width.  Save all lengths as you will use three of the 2 1/2″ slats for the main arms and others along with the thinner cut-offs  for the accent pieces.


Step 5:  Additional cuts: With a compound miter saw, cut your 3 main 2 1/2″ wide arms to 33″ long.  You can be creative here but for this snowflake cut six 10″ x 2 1/2″ with 45 degree angles on each side, reverse the 45 degree angle and cut six more.

Now cut your small accent pieces.  Cut six 45 degree triangles from your extra 2 1/2 inch wide slats.  Now take the skinny scraps from ripping your slats down and cut 6 pieces and 4 inches and 6 more pieces at 4.5 inches.

Step Six: Assembly: Now you need your staple gun and wood glue. You will staple all the accent pieces on each slat separately and then staple the 3 slats together. This is where you can get creative and the overall look of your snowflake will change based on where you place your accent pieces. It is important to have your spacing the same on all six sides of your snowflake so that it looks balanced. You also need to make sure that you leave at least 6.5 inches in the center of the slat open so you can layer the arms of your snowflake.


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